A local guy that I met in Playa Larga, who of course was in love with me at first sight (that already is a part of sentimiento), explained me what sentimiento is. According to him it is the only important thing in making decisions, the small and the big ones.

Your body decides

Sentimiento in Spanish means a feeling. It is felt in the body. Decisions are made based on the momentary impulse, sensation. If you fancy dancing, you feel it. If you want to be with somebody, you feel it. You react intuitively and don’t dwell on whether it is appropriate and what others will think. Your body knows best, what decision is the right one, because it senses it.

Intuition and not head

Following intuition, being faithful to ourselves in every life moment, seems to be a healthy attitude. Especially comparing it to the typical European mental decision making and tedious comparing of alternatives. Wondering “Are my feelings right?” does not make sense. They are the way they are. That way I am faithful to my truth and don’t bother by other possibilities. 

We shout at each other but we still like each other

On Cuba one can see much more spontaneous reactions among people. They don’t hide their feelings. If there is an argument between people they may shout at each other, let the steam out and after few hours talk normally again.  Spontaneity, courage to express life’s energy is a part of Cuban mentality that I admire and take as a good example for the rest of the western world.

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