To live, one has to have courage. I heard this sentence recently somewhere. I don’t recall where, hence can’t refer to the author.

Life is now

To truly live, I mean. This courage does not always shout and show off. Mostly it is a courage to face every moment with what it brings … with exactly what it brings. It is to put aside own preferences and patterns of behavior and to surrender to what actually is. No projecting on others, no blaming oneself, no clinging to the past, just pure here and now experience. And hell, it does require a lot of courage … each time.

Forced solitude

After a period of being on the way again, life forced me to solitude. I got a skin rash and in a way had to stay home, not feeling like going out among many people. Solitude has been a topic for me since a long time. It started with me being the only child of my parents and then automatically I was falling into life functions where I had to act on my own. To be honest, I never embraced it fully and never allowed it to fill me with power. I was running away from it on the inside although on the outside I have lived alone for a while already.

No-one to suffer

To my surprise this time solitude feels empowering. There is no little me who feels alone. It’s seen but like a ghost of the past. I am grateful to life for this imposed isolation. As Mooji says “when life gives you lemons make a lemonade and when life gives you chilli, make chilli con carne”.

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