Love and Gratitude is represented by a couple of Cuban gods Oshun and Babalu Aye. I painted them inspired by a dancing workshop I participated in. One evening after the workshop I just drew a sketch of a women and a men connected in the endlessness. I wanted to include the symbolics from the religion yet modified them for the artistic reasons.

Oshun who is a goddess of love and femininity is symbolized by the yellow and golden color. She is carrying a crown and her attributes among others are sunflowers and a river. A strip of the river and an extension of her crown which surround her head complete one half of the endlessness.

Babalu Aye has a color of violet and sticks made of straw as a symbol here. He is wearing straw-like dreadlocks and a violet scarf on his head. The symbolics of straw goes back to the fact that Babalu Aye works on the field. He and Oshun are both completing themselves on my canvas, like day and night, love and gratitude, female and male energy.

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